Hi there and WELCOME!

You know what's neat about photographs? They're the perfect memory.
The exact moment, thought, feeling, captured perfectly.
Photographs are evidence of the tiniest changes in life. A slightly
slender face and slowly growing hair. Proof of your happiest moments
and proudest achievements. Our memory is not like a photograph, there
are missing parts. About four and a half years ago, I
realized I wanted to create those memories for other people. Be part
of the biggest and smallest changes in your life and give you a memory
you can hold on to forever. 

My children are, of course, my favorite subjects. Complete dedication
while building a gingerbread house or the look of utter excitement on
the first day of 4th grade. These are the memories that get fuzzy as
the years go by. My daughter's favorite pink shirt or the look on my son's
face every time he gets to go on a ride with his dad. I want to keep
these memories where I can find them; where they will never change.
And I want to help you do the same thing

I'm Alyssa Kay and these are a few of my favorite things:  my two
beautiful and incredibly energetic children, my unbelievably charming
husband, photography, and  anything Shonda Rhimes or Nicholas Sparks touches.

Avid reader and coffee drinker.