Jupiter High School Senior Session | Palm Beach | Jupiter, Florida Photographer


Hi everyone!


I'd like to introduce you to Sophie. She's my senior representative for Jupiter High School and will graduate in 2019. Sophie hopes to attend Auburn University, University of Georgia, or University of Texas. I know getting in will not be a problem for her. She is such a bright young lady.

I enjoyed working with Sophie so much. Not only is she absolutely stunning but has the kindest and most genuine heart. She made my job as photographer so easy with her elegance in front of the camera.





Before I get to more pictures, I wanted to share an awesome story about Sophie.

Sophie is the Co-President of “Give Global”, a club her and her friend founded at Jupiter High School to raise money for projects in rural Guatemala. They started the club their sophomore year, they raised $15,000 and successfully built a water well in Cocó, Zacapa, Guatemala. The summer of 2017 she had the privilege of going on an 8 day medical mission trip to Zacapa. She was able to dedicate the Water Well to the village of Coco. She described it as "an indescribable experience". The people of the village were rejoiced to have clean water saying they no longer felt forgotten. The following year, Give Global raised $8500 to build a home for a single mom with 5 children who were living under a tarp. The home is currently under construction and Sophie and her friend are so humbled to know they all have a safe place to live. She is so grateful to have been apart of so many amazing experiences and to have involved both school and community.

And for all other high school seniors out there who are planning their senior portraits, Sophie says, "Have fun with it!” and that “ Accessories can add so much to a picture!” She also recommended, “looking on pinterest for outfit inspiration and planning out all your accessories and outfits ahead of time."

That is solid advise!


Without further adieu, Sophie. Good luck in the coming years!